Medium Máirín welcomes and asks: What Do YOU Believe?™

In Life, I dream quarely BIG.

In height, I stand fairly SMALL.

To bring Love, Healing, Hope…help you & your family need?

I am a Medium.

I’ve been a Medium and Spiritualist all my life. Literally. My earliest recollection of ‘seeing dead people’ predates this photograph. Okay, I AM a Vintage Medium! ;) I am a grateful one too….

“You brought us such beauty!”
“She connects to loved ones and she’s the real deal.”
“Máirín is funny, witty and has a great sense of humor; all wrapped up with a great gift.”
“It was a moving, eye-opening, healing experience.”
“She connects to loved ones and she’s the real deal.”
“Thank you!”

These are just a few kind responses I’m gratefully receiving after Readings – whether after a ‘Fly-by’ at Starbucks, a Private Session, Family Readings, Charity and Hotel Events, or what my Clients call “Reading Parties” (which our Conversations are for the Other Side, too).
The best part of any format? A Medium’s Reading can be a life-enhancing experience. It always is for ME.

Are YOU here?

This is what a Medium looks like...and so do YOU!That’s not only an existential question. I believe privacy is key in Mediumship and I keep yours into perpetuity.
I look forward to meeting you – and some of Yours, too – gathering as a group, Reading in person, or eMeeting … joining in Charity FUNdraising™ … roaring in Reading Parties (my funnest format!) … during a public demonstration (ibid – just bigger!) … Learning-with-Love™ in person, via eMeeting, and on YouTube … or during a Fly-by in Starbucks and airports and farmer’s markets some sultry Summer days, somewhere in our ONE World.


What’s a ‘Fly-by’ Reading?! What’s a Medium? How is being a Medium different from being ‘psychic?’ I take every opportunity sharing my Mediumship to ensure you understand it. Yours, too. Yes, we ALL can be Seeing Someones.
Learn about my Readings and how I work with individuals of all ages in Life Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, and Gift Development. Want to learn more? Read all about MEs in my upcoming books. Brave Soul, YOU! ;)
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YOU: Dream BIG with MEs?

I’m seeking a long-term relationship. Not for romance. I write that! ;) Team Máirín needs an Agent or Partner – or both. Learn more about building, branding, and booking…. Oh. MEs? Oh, MY!
Thank YOU for visiting my site and, in advance, for sharing it with your friends and family – and on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and SnapChat and…. ; )
Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™Thank you, also, for sharing your experiences at Best Psychic Directory AND by keeping asking questions. Like Loved Ones: Yours are always welcome – here or via MediumMairin [at] mairing [dot] com.
Last and most Important: Thank you for the privilege you extend by choosing me. I look forward to Reading with you!
‘Til then, keep daring to believereceive … and remember: You Are Loved – and never alone.

Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™