Psychics and Mediums

All Mediums are Psychics. Not all Psychics are Mediums. And no two Psychics – or their Gifts or how they use their Gifts – are the same. As every single person’s talents are like snowflakes, the list and practices of Gifts are unique and – as is God’s Creativity – likely infinite.
‘Psychic abilities’ – the umbrella, if you will – are widely believed to include aura reading, automatic writing, ESP, healing, prophecy, regression, telepathy…. Mediumship is also a type of psychic ability.
Mediums are widely believed to be able to communicate with people who have passed – also Saints, Angels, and the Divine. Mental (aka Communicating) Mediums ‘tune in’ to and receive Messenger(s) and Message(s). Physical Mediums might additionally manifest someone who has passed and/or move objects and/or share their minds/bodies with Spirits and/or prophesy….

My Mediumship

What do children see? A LOT!I’ve been a Medium and Spiritualist all my life. My earliest recollection of psychic ability is at about this age: 14 months. I rarely “see dead people” anymore (to quote the movie line, not myself).
Today, I primarily practice Evidentiary* Communicating Mediumship – i.e., my ability to connect with what I experience as, simply, Energy. So, when I come near you – at a ‘Fly by’ in a local grocery store or international airport or during a scheduled Reading – I communicate with the Energy around you. Rather, the Energy communicates to me.
Note: The Energy is around you, not me. It might belong to someone who has lived and passed or who was never fully born; it might be a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem; it could be a family pet; sometimes, it’s an Angel – your Guardian Angel or an Angel with a particular Message for or on a Mission with you; on more occasions than you’d imagine, the Energy is truly Divine.
And yes, dogs and cats and animals go to Heaven.
And yes, sometimes ‘Clarence’ rings a bell. ; )

How It Works

Yes, I'm a Medium. #BornThisWay!My Gifts are ever evolving and I am regularly surprised, myself, at how Loved Ones, Guides, Animals, Angels, and the Divine conspire to communicate through me. Generally, though, my primary Gift of Mediumship works like this….
For a scheduled Reading, I begin fasting the day before. I Quieten and begin a Prayer-and-Meditation ritual several hours before we begin. I welcome the Messenger(s) and, as we begin in Prayer, I invite them to step forward. However, They determine Who comes forward – preferably one at a time! – and in what order and for how long they ‘go.’
They utilize the library of symbols I’ve established over 20+ years (and continue to build), including what I call “my Clairs” – i.e., ‘Clear’ Senses, including: Clairvoyace (clear-seeing); Clairaudience (clear-hearing); Clairtangence (clear-feeling/touch); Clairgustance (clear-tasting); and Clairscent (clear-smelling). We generally begin with each Messenger identifying Her-/Himself via what I term ‘demographics’ – i.e., *evidence and validations (for your benefit) of Who They Are (never ‘were’) – e.g., gender, relationship, generation, cause of passing…. They pretty much take it from there.
Once we’ve established Who is/are present, He/She/They deliver the Message(s) to you using four more of My Clairs: Clairempathy (clear-feeling/emotion); Clairsentience (clear-perception); my Intuition (which many psychics don’t consider a ‘lair’ but, as a woman, I do); and Claircognizance (clear-knowing), my ‘favorite’ as it’s easiest for me to interpret. I just KNOW things, sometimes – often much to the dismay of my friends and family!
A ‘Fly-by’ Reading is what I call one in which I meet you – randomly, somewhere, anywhere – and a Loved One or Angel comes ‘flying by,’ veritably pleading with me to communicate for them to you. I do not lightly say in response, “Sorry, I’m not Reading today.” My Gift works virtually the same way(s) in a Fly-by Reading. However, most often, it’s one Messenger and one Message that comes shining through.
In every format – in person, via telephone or Skype, and in ‘Fly-by’ Readings – I use all of my senses. And then some. I’m a longtime Life Coach and career consultant, a lifetime educator, and an Intuitive Guide. I’m an author award-winning investigator. I bring all those skills sets to my Readings. And my commitment (albeit at-times reluctant) to share my Gift to help families like yours.
All that said: In any format, I cannot command Messengers to communicate nor demand answers to your questions; but/AND I always find that the Messenger(s) and Message(s) you’re Meant to receive always come through. And Messages are always about only TWO things. More on those when we meet….

Shall we?

I believe my ability to connect with that Energy and Love is a Gift with a capital ‘G.’ I believe that, although human beings’ bodies eventually expire, a human’s BEing simply passes / passes on / crosses over. Her/His Essence and Energy never cease. And Her/His Love for us always remains. Divine from that what you will but be assured of this:
Energy, Saints, Angels, and the Divine are REAL – and ever Present to you.
I look forward to Reading with you to bring Love, Hope, Healing, or whatever help you most need. Meantime, please note:

  • I almost-never use the ‘d’ words – e.g., die, dying, dead, death.
  • I almost-always capitalize words / things I believe involve / come from The Divine.
  • I virtually interchangeably experience Energy, Spirits, Guides, Fairies, Messengers, Loved Ones….
  • I definitely differentiate Saints, Angels, and the Divine.
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    Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™

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    WOW – aka God’s Birthday Pressie