An Homage to Shakespeare
as An Ode to Skeptics …

I love Shakespeare. And Sonnets.
Skeptics? Notsomuch.
This homage to Shakespeare is a puzzle, too.

What see in it, you?

An expense of Spirit is wasted shame.
To expect … what? It wastes too-much time
To content their wont for a date or name.
They want but one thing: a contented mind.
Not savage but ’tis cruel when they don’t trust
They are present, well, and (now) thinking straight
Past feeling hate, hunted, laden with lust
For earthly possessions, pursuits. Too late
They came to find proof. So, in trust here near
They offer dear Truth. Find dear ones aloof,
disbelieving Messengers. Or afeard
of receiving Messages. Or reproof.

How Great Thou Art! But they? O! Pelonius.
BE true Thine They. And WE? No Trick Ponies, US.


What see in it, you?

Hint: Check for capital letters. ; )
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Or just wait for Book Three … of what? My Musings about ME, of course!
Thanks for reading my Musings – and remembering:

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