What do YOU see?

“Happy New Year!” “Happy Easter!” “Happy Mother’s Day!”
Or not??
For so many, these troubling and uncertain times and all they bring mightn’t make for a “Happy!” anything, every day. For too many, worldwide uncertainty, unconscionable vitriol, and unabashed hate are causing viable anxiety.
So, of people across America and around the world, I ask perhaps-better questions:

What do YOU choose to see? And WHO?

Both questions can apply to what some consider “impossible” (or worse) to believe: Heaven is real – and as a Spiritual Medium I witness it – daily. YOU can, too – liminally and prACTically.
We ALL can BE liminal – ACTing in the PEACE too-many REAL Heroes died to save and to restore Peace of Mind so-many of OUR neighbors fear losing.
We CAN Love – LET’S!

  • BE Kind to Everyone
  • HELP One Another
  • FEED Strangers
  • HUG Children
  • PRAY for PEACE
  • Act TOGETHERly – i.e., treat ALL as “YOUR Neighbor”


    We ARE One World.You might have noticed by now that I make up words all the time – not in disrespect but with a need to capture a thought, feeling, or experience. I actually love actual words – not as weapons but for expression and their learning power.
    For example, ‘liminally’ mightn’t be a word but its root is. ‘Liminal’ is from the Latin word for ‘threshold’ – when things change from one state to another. In Spiritual terms, it describes the ‘veil’ between Heaven and earth is thinnest and non-earthly Energies can most readily come through. Non-earthly entities can include ‘scary’ Energies – whether or not we are aware of or appropriately frightened by actual evil, which walks daily in human forms (which can tweet, post, and lie smiling).
    Too many are justifiably afraid of the unknown: What will happen to me? my family? my healthcare? my friends? Too often, they despair of even daring to ask: Is someone really here? Who? Why? What does she/he want from me? Is Heaven REAL? IS there even a God?
    I invite you to ask those questions and more – about yourself and your neighbors. If I can help you discern either the question(s) and their answers for you and your neighbors … well, just ask. Meantime and every day….

    Make time to Just BE™

    Got Love?! It's an ACTION Verb!™May WE resolve every day to: make time for Mindfulness; believe in Heaven; receive Love from both sides thereof; choose Hope; BE Kindness; take every opportunity to BE & BEcome; and, best of all, to Just BE™ with unique and extraordinary YOU!
    Love does not see in ‘black & white’ or perceive ‘us’ and ‘them’ as different. ALL Lives Matter. Inspire others by BEing someone who fights for Charity, Kindness, Generosity, Patience, Tolerance, Forgiveness … ALL ACTs within my favorite definition:

    Love Is an ACTION Verb!™

    I teach young adults, entrepreneurs, and clients of all ages: Texts & Tweets & Posts, etc., do NOT foster REAL conversation or relationships; neither do pictures. Too many spend too-much time (and Energy and Creativity) looking down at phones and electronics.

    Got Love?! YOU ARE!

    Stop with selfies.
    Start using your Voice for Good.
    Stand with all who champion others, who stand up to bullies, who decry hate….
    Look UP!
    Look INside.
    It’s in there:
    YOU. Are. LOVE!
    To The Divine in YOU
    in OUR Neighbors:

    Photography ©MMG
    SEE WHO? | Image courtesy of Microsoft Office