…and for YOU?

EdificationEncouragementComfortall’n’only Love….

Readings and Sessions with Máirín are prayerful, purposeful, and positive. You’ll be empowered understanding Mediumship, embraced receiving Messages, encouraged my Máirín’s Gifts, and inspired learning about yours. (Yes, your Gifts.) You’ll laugh, too – as your Loved Ones do – more than you might imagine….

“I had a wonderful time with Máirín….It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel that she connected with my departed loved ones. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to know about theirs.” Marie H., sharing at Best Psychic Directory

Máirín is a full-time Medium and Spiritualist.

Máirín’s also been working for decades with Clients in Intuitive Guidance and Gift Development.
You are most welcome to My Table!Unlike most Mediums, Máirín endeavors that all presenting Loved Ones / Messengers are at least acknowledged. New Clients’ nervousness is understandable; however, skepticism is counter intuitive and adversely affects Sessions. Máirín does not foretell the future; she is not certified to and does not offer medical, legal, or financial advice. You agree to meet with Máirín in openness with mutual Intention of bringing forward Love, Healing, Hope…help you most need.
Máirín’s Gifts work the same way in all formats. In Sessions of two or more, you meet as a group, maximizing Messengers, shared witness, experiences, and note-taking fingers! ;)

  • Readings in progress may be extended at your request.
  • Private In-Person Readings often run long.*
  • Family Readings sometimes run long.*
  • Reading Parties almost-always run long.*
  • *Almost-always on Máirín.
    Read Clients’ take on Máirín’s Gifts and generosity of time and treasure.
    “The better to meet you with!” Máirín comes to you from Chicago’s suburbs to maximize the Energy of a place and so you can “tawk amongst yahselves” and Just BE after a Reading or Session.

  • NO ‘Big Bad Wolf’ ever comes through!
  • Note-taking tools are required.
  • NO cleaning is required — jammies are welcome!
  • Refreshments are optional — including wine, as needed. ; )
  • Smoke-free home | office | venue is essential for In-Person Meetings.
  • Payments in USD are safely made via PayPal, clearXchange, or eDeposit to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA.
  • Travel Stipend TBD, if applicable: Máirín is SMALL; coach is okay!

    Still curious — even skeptical?

    How Open are YOU?Read a sampling of Client Testimonials here and at Best Psychic Directory. Or make time to read this interesting blog by professional (former) skeptic Bob Olson about the differences in Mediums and their fees and practices.
    Need something different? Invitations for Workshops, Cleansings, Speaking Engagements, and Book Discussions and Signings also are always welcome. Please invite away!…
    NO Medium has words sufficient in the loss of a child or the face of terror. And no Medium or psychic practitioner can guarantee an answer to your question(s) or that your Loved One(s) will step forward. That said, Máirín’s Clients often comment, even if they weren’t a focus of a Reading: “Everyone gets something out of it!”

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    Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™