This is what a Medium looks like. And so do you!Yes, I’m a Medium. And so are you. And no, we are not “crazy.” We all have psychic abilities – experiences beyond our understanding or others’ definitions of ‘normal.’ We’re born this way.
We feel someone beside us … but turn to find no one there. We dream about someone who’s passed … and, years later, our mind’s eye can still see every indelible detail. We intuitively stop for a changing traffic light … only then to see a police car on the corner! We just Know that someone will call or that something has happened or that “I’ve been here before.”
Like me (mostly) and my name (pronounced “MORE–een”), ‘quare’ is Irish. It can mean: remarkable; excellent; notably large in size, amount, or extent. I’ve always Dreamed BIG. I began sharing my exceedingly quare Gifts* 30-ish years ago – if often against my druthers. ‘Til 2013, I Read exclusively via reference and referral. Now my Clientele spans three Continents. *Although my Gifts give Glory to Others, I’m privileged in doing what I’m Meant to be. I AM a Grateful Medium!
I’m a Quiet Medium, too – in Life and my practice. My family learned “about me” in 2014; most of my business and nonprofit colleagues don’t know; my neighbors haven’t a clue. I keep your confidences, too. Unless otherwise directed by Clients, names and evidentiary details in this site, in Events, Musings, and books are always changed. Specific Messages – even that you or any Client ever met with me – will forever remain between us. Well…’tween us and your Loved Ones, that is!
“Inexplicable” psychic ability by any name is, inexorably, REAL. Read more.


I love Quietude — and enJOY engaging! I’m intellectual — and an Empath. I’m organized — and a Sensate. I question everything — and trust my Claircognizance (all my nine Clairs) and formidable professional skills sets. I’m realistic — and I Dream BIG. I stand small and tall: I’m ‘The’ Betty’s Daughter — and Joe’s.

  • I’m told I’m considered by Twitter, Klout, and Constant Contact* I AM an Expert in ★Healing—★Gratitude—★FUNdraising—★Reading (non-book variety!)…
  • I AM Emmy® Award-winning journalist and ★★★★★ writer, speaker, brain SME…
  • I AM serial entrepreneur, start-up consultant, nonprofit unFounder…
  • I AM SundaySchoolMiss, volunteer, tree hugger, animal rescuer…
  • I AM — for Life — ADvocate™ for families both sides of Heaven!

BIGsmallMedium Mairin!I AM an INFJ: “Vision and meaning oriented. Quietly intense. Insightful. Creative. Sensitive. Seeks harmony, growth. Serious. Loves language, symbols. Persevering. Inspiring.” —The Myers & Briggs Foundation
First/Last/Clearly: I AM a Gemini — and so AM I. ;)
*Facts of the matter verified June 2017 — and here verified re others’ matters. The rest is verifiable by Them! ;)
The net? I’ve dual passions and two pursuits. Join ME in both on Team Máirín!

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    Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™