“In Life, I dream BIG. In height, I stand SMALL. In Truth: I am a Medium.”
This is what a Medium looks like. And so do you!Yes, I’m a Medium. And so are you. And no, we are not “crazy.”
We all have psychic abilities – experiences beyond our understanding or others’ definitions of ‘normal.’ We’re born this way.
We feel someone beside us … but turn to find no one there. We dream about someone who’s passed … and, years later, our mind’s eye can still see every indelible detail. We intuitively stop for a changing traffic light … only then to see a police car on the corner! We just Know that someone will call or that something has happened or that “I’ve been here before.”
“Inexplicable” psychic ability by any name is, inexorably, REAL. Read more.
My name is Máirín (pronounced “MORE–een”) and I am a Spiritualist and (what’s categorized as) an Evidentiary Psychic Medium. My Gift – capitalized in humble homage to its Giver, who I call “God” (and to whom I refer as “She, He, They”) – enables me to communicate with your passed Loved Ones, lost and unborn Children, and the Guides, Saints, and Angels who travel with you, with us all, every day.
The ‘M’ of my logo is taken from The Book of Kells in homage to my deep Irish roots – and to the Alpha and Omega from Whom my Gift comes. In Celtic Art, a bird represents a Messenger – like your Loved Ones, for whom I am privileged to communicate. My Gift in three words? Blessings beyond measure. Amen!
Learn more about how my ever-evolving Gift works.

More on MORE-een….

First aware of her Gift very early in life, Máirín began widely sharing it just 20-some years ago – only via reference and referral. Using what she simply calls a “really cool phone,” Máirín receives Messages for her clients from the Messengers around them – usually but not always limited to: family, friends, and pets; Animal and Spirit Guides; other Spirits, Saints, and Angels; and even The Divine.
YES, Cats & Dogs go to Heaven – and it's MEOWvelous!Oh and, re pets: Yes, dogs go to Heaven – cats, ferrets, parrots … ponies, too. And yes, sometimes ‘Clarence’ rings bells. Doubtful, Thomas? Read more.

Dogs go to Heaven.
Loved Ones fly high, too.
Keep UP-looking–YOU!

Prior to her work as a Medium, Máirín spent an award-winning and successful career in corporate education and consultancy, nonprofit advocacy, and life and career coaching. Fiercely private about her Gift (and her work with families like yours), Máirín protects your confidentiality before, during, and after meeting with you – and into perpetuity. Thank you for also respecting hers.
Always a positive, uplifting experience, Readings with Máirín deliver Hope and offer insight to benefit every facet of Life. Read more about how Máirín’s Gift works.

“Meeting with you has given me a whole new perspective and now I’m excited to get on with my life!”

In person, via telephone or Skype, with groups large and small: Máirín creates a peaceful, prayerful, and welcoming environment. Of course, Máirín cannot predetermine what Loved Ones, Messengers, and Messages come through in a Reading. But she believes it’s always those you’re Meant to receive.
Máirín prepares for and facilitates Readings the same way in all formats. Clients often comment, even if they weren’t a focus of the Reading:

“Everyone gets something out of it!”

… even and especially Máirín:

“The positive, emotional, healing experiences I witness during Readings – and feedback I receive thereafter – are Blessings beyond measure. I look forward to meeting with you and your family and friends to bring Hope, help, healing, or whatever you and your family most need.
Blessings, indeed!”

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