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BIGsmallMediumMairin!I am thrilled to be included among Mediums vetted by former professional skeptic and private investigator Bob Olson and featured in his Best Psychic Directory – the world-renowned resource for finding “gifted and reputable psychics and mediums.”
One reason: Mr. Olson maintains healthy skepticism and always – on his site and in his January Newsletter (cut-and-pasted below, in BPD blue) – directs Psychics and Mediums listed on Best Psychic Directory to (what I call) raise their Gifts:
Share your experience with Medium Máirín worldwide!As an example, too many excellent mediums have a nurse coming through and ask, “Who’s the nurse?” instead of just saying, “I have a nurse present.” Or they’re being shown that someone died of cancer and ask, “Who died of cancer?” instead of saying, “I have a male figure here who died of lung cancer.” Don’t end with a question mark unless you need some kind of confirmation to know that the reading is going well. Then simply say, “Does this make sense?”
Does this make sense?! Every. Single. Time. 100% of my clients will confirm: “Does that make sense?” is absolutely my #1 Most Frequently Asked Question.
My #2 FAQ? It’s actually a statement: “Stop talking!” – followed by a reiterated apology I first proffered in my Introduction – for exactly the reasons Mr. Olson offers.
As I tell clients: “Healthy skepticism is always welcome – from both sides of Heaven – as long as you / They remain open to the concept that Mediumship is possible.” I add: “Don’t worry; I address that with your Loved Ones before our Reading.” ;)
I'm already applauding YOUR Angels and Loved Ones!I am grateful for the validations shared in Mr. Olson’s Directory and in this sampling of testimonials – every bit of feedback I receive from believers and skeptics alike. Please note: I do not take phone calls for “Instant Readings” (likely never will); and, unless otherwise directed, I always keep private my clients’ names and specific Readings details. For more information, a full list of references, or to address a question to one of my clients, please just ask.
You might also find interesting this blog posted by Mr. Olson about the differences in Mediums, their prices, and their practices.

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