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Dream BIG. Stand SMALL. I’m a Medium.
So of course I write in just 140-ish Words!
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A Medium-size, Three-Volume Series inspired by Love, Letters, and UNasked Prayers….

I – The Astonished Medium©

II – The Fortunate Medium©

III – The Reluctant Medium©

Coming in Autumn 2018 to!
Note – Volume II’s title might change:
The Privileged Medium©
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Read these astonishing stories: #ComingSoon to Amazon!The Astonished Medium© is the first collection of inspirational stories and empowering Love and Life Lessons my clients (and I) have learned during Readings. Real stories and real feedback – from both sides of Heaven.
The Lessons: are gleaned from thousands of Readings in every format; inform topics from birth through Life to passing into Heaven/an Afterlife; span geographic and cultural divides. Literally.
The stories I’m including in this collection come from: Readings from LAX to JFK, Mexico to Nova Scotia, Ireland to Israel; Fly-bys in Starbucks and airports and graveyards; poignant pauses on the Costa del Sol and powerful ‘chance meetings’ in Detroit, Dublin, Derbyshire’s finest Great House; an impromptu Reading in a haunted maison in Normandy, France, replete with 15th Century aristocrats. Vive La France … et La Vie!
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Yet again, Máirín made plans to move.
And again, God laughed.

Read Máirín's Memoir: #ComingSoon to Amazon!It’s August 2015. Máirín is planning another move: of her own volition; on her own terms; and with nary an Irishman in sight!
She’d moved before: to far-reaching suburbs; far-out states (think California, in the ’80s, three times); and far-flung beaches, including Malibu, overlooking the Pacific. In November 2013, Máirín moved to the tip of Topsail Island in North Carolina, where her deck literally hung over the Atlantic.
She’d made plans to marry, too: and move to Chicago’s south suburbs; to move to Southern California and marry; to move in hope to the West Coast of Ireland; to move in hope of marriage to Northern Ireland. In fact, Máirín planned several moves to the other side of the Atlantic … to Ireland too-many times to count an’ sure’n’too-many times for Love.
Máirín also made plans in professional and pro-bono pursuits. Too-many times, too-many people with so-good intentions changed their plans, too-often leaving Máirín virtually hung out to dry.
Foolish it was, then, for Máirín to yet-again make a plan. Or perhaps brave? Lamenting and daring in equal measure, she hoped her new plan would align with God’s – Hers, His, and Theirs.
Can you guess what happened? As every-single time, every-single place, in every-single pursuit (but one), and with every single and widowed and divorced and duplicitous Irishman: God saw what plans Máirín made. And laughed.
Máirín’s Prayers, she thought, might e’er remain unanswered.
Until, that is, she received one letter – 2,200+ words written nearly a year after a Fly-by Reading in Tar-jay. That letter and its writer and her family’s story have inspired Máirín to write her memoir about the journey to becoming an internationally renowned Evidentiary Psychic Medium and the life-changing experiences (to her) of sharing her Gift.
Whatever you do (or don’t) believe, Máirín invites you to consider what she’s confirmed in thousands of Readings (so far):

Love IS!™

What do you believe about Heaven? Angels? God? An Afterlife?

How open are YOU?A Reading can be a life-enhancing experience for some people. It always is for Máirín and she is always curious about what happens after a ‘Fly-by’ or a scheduled Reading.
Remember that post-Tarjay Fly-by letter? Máirín’s re-read it only three times. Because of its profound effects. On her.

What is a Reading with a Medium like? Don’t ask Máirín! Read what others say about their experiences before, during, and after – sometimes long after! – their Readings with Máirín.
What happens after a Reading? Like any Medium, Máirín’s always grateful to hear ‘”Aha!'” Moments’ that come to Clients after a Reading. Please share your best psychic Medium experiences with former professional skeptic and private investigator Bob Olson at Best Psychic Directory. Or share your experiences before, during, or years after meeting personally with Máirín.
Doubtful, Thomas? Why not find out for yourself?

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