Dare YOU?

We CAN Change the World. LET’S!

WIFY? Depends on YOU. Who inspires YOU? What emotions keep motivating YOU — even to be here and keep reading? What are your business practices and pursuits? Better: What are your passions? Best: What did YOU want to be when…?
Depending on all your responses to all of the above — and 45 Qs more:

What AM I seeing for YOU?

  • Life-Enhancing Experiences
  • World-Changing Opportunities
  • Manifesting Healing, Peace of Mind, Love…
  • Rewriting Poetry and maybejustmaybe OUR Future
  • Rescuing Souls and Improving Poppies and OUR World
  • Leaving Laughter and Legacies of Benedictions
  • Blessing bearing Blessings
  • …and in SO giving, shall WE find — Oh, YOU tell ME.

Oh. Me? Oh, My!

“If you haven’t had a reading with Máirín, book it NOW! She connects to loved ones and she’s the real deal. She has a very real gift.”
Client and also-Gifted Medium and Healer

Oh, My!

Join Team Máirín asking the WORLD: What Do YOU Believe?™Beyond gratefully, I’m ever receiving testimonials like that, posted this June at Bob Olson’s premier psychic directory. What’s the “but”…? I’m rarely sharing them.

Oh. Why?

I know ‘how to’ help build a global business, market and sell its brand, and build a team, and lead it toward perpetual “success” (by any definition). My referral-only Clients include: industry innovators Xerox, Sharp, Cisco; entrepreneurs in LA, Palo Alto, Chicago, Dublin; nonprofit experts; Thought Leaders; Light Workers, too. Just ONE thing:

TWO Brands—TWO Hands—FOUR Crossed Eyes—24 Hours…ONE Medium-size ME.

Oh. ME?

  • 61 Klout* — “Expert” in ★Healing—★Gratitude—★FUNdraising—★Reading (non-book variety!)…
  • 10,900+ Followers on Twitter* alone — all earned “the old-fashioned way” …
  • Constant Contact* — averaging 46% Opens, 15% Clicks…
  • Emmy® Award-winning journalist and ★★★★★ writer, speaker, brain SME…
  • serial entrepreneur, start-up consultant, nonprofit unFounder…
  • SundaySchoolMiss, volunteer, tree hugger, animal rescuer…
  • ADvocate™ — for Life — for Families both sides of Heaven!

You can learn more about MEs here butAND essentially? I AM an INFJ and Gemini — as am I ;) — with TWO sets of remarkable Gifts I cannot not share. Despite my druthers and decades of denial and worthwhile endeavors: I cannot not BE both MEs!

One ME’s about Believing:

“Máirín is funny, witty and has a great sense of humor; all wrapped up with a great Gift. It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel that she connected with my departed loved ones.”
—Marie Henn at BPD

One ME’s about Thinking:

“tell you what: when you are on the lookout to hire a techie, message me. I’ll quit my job and work for you. Love your credo! :)”

Both MEs? About all’n’only Love!

Kindness Matters. Mantras, more—so #AmWriting at Medium.com.
I’m sometimes writing at Niume; Facebook, too.
In all: Grammar and words matter. Love, more.

My mantra for families & caregivers: Love Is an ACTION Verb!™
My mantra for believers & skeptics alike is simpler: Love IS!™

So. YOU?

Representative or Partner—or both—like ME:

    Come Change OUR World with MEs?

  • seeing business benefits in both my MEs—Medium first
    (not necessarily my druthers butAND, á la Covey, First Things First*)
  • seizing markets trending toward Mind–Body–Spirit and Brains
  • seeking exclusive, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship (sans romance—I write that!)
  • sweaty enough to want equity in both businesses
  • savvy enough to relish the hard work ahead
  • smart enough to let collective heads rule
  • strong enough to overrule mine
  • loyal like a Canada goose

And NO, you don’t need to be a Medium, too—although everyone is.
Yes, YOU are, too.

So. WE?

“If you have not experienced the gift of Light that is @MediumMairin, treat yourself today….!”
Lawson Patterson, Spiritualist practicing and partnering with Bryan Benson.

*Three Ends starting in my mind include:

What are your ideas:

  • re Booking Europe Events for December 2017–February 2018?
  • re Book Launching August 2018 (per traditional-publisher’s offers)?
  • re what questions I oughtta be asking?

Hear that? Tick-Tock! 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”
—Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

*Facts of the matter verified June 2017 — and here verified re others’ matters.

When YOU wake tomorrow morning reading ME in YOUR Head?

  • Angels & Partners: Thank you for your interest! Please let me know when and how to best reach you — via eMail TeamMairin [at] Gmail [dot] com or the Query Form, here.
  • Publicists, Marketers, Bookers, & Finders: I can’t wait to hear your ideas! Please send your introductions to TeamMairin [at] Gmail [dot] com — thanks!
  • ALL: I’ll be in touch asap to book a Skype call — imMEdiately!
  • See that? WE’re already bonding and branding!

WE CAN change the world…one Soul/brain/Love-ACTion Verb™ at a time.

Dare YOU?

Better: Shall WE?