Dare YOU?

We CAN Change the World. LET’S!


EdificationEncouragementComfortall’n’only Love….
Don’t take MY word for it. Read Client Testimonials here and at Best Psychic Directory.


Depends on YOU. Who inspires YOU? What emotions keep motivating YOU — even to be here and keep reading? What are your business practices and pursuits? Better: What are your passions? Best: What did YOU want to be when…? Depending on all your responses to all of the above — and 45 Qs more:

What AM I seeing for YOU?

  • Life-Enhancing Experiences
  • World-Changing Opportunities
  • Manifesting Healing, Peace of Mind, Love…
  • Rewriting Poetry and maybejustmaybe OUR Future
  • Rescuing Souls and Improving Poppies and OUR World
  • Leaving Laughter and Legacies of Benedictions
  • Blessing bearing Blessings
  • …and in SO giving, shall WE find — Oh, YOU tell ME.

Oh. Me? Oh, My!

“If you haven’t had a reading with Máirín, book it NOW! She connects to loved ones and she’s the real deal. She has a very real gift.” Client and also-Gifted Medium

Oh, My!

Join Team Máirín asking the WORLD: What Do YOU Believe?™Beyond gratefully, I’m ever receiving testimonials like that, posted June 2017 at Bob Olson’s premier psychic directory. What’s the “but”…? I’m rarely sharing them.

Oh. Why?

I know ‘how to’ help build a global business, market and sell its brand, and build a team, and lead it toward perpetual “success” (by any definition). My referral-only Clients include: industry innovators Xerox, Sharp, Cisco; entrepreneurs in LA, Palo Alto, Chicago, Dublin; nonprofit experts; Thought Leaders; Light Workers, too. Just ONE thing:

TWO Brands—TWO Hands—FOUR Crossed Eyes—24 Hours…ONE Medium-size ME.

Oh. ME?

  • 61 Klout* — “Expert” in ★Healing—★Gratitude—★FUNdraising—★Reading (non-book variety!)…
  • 11,400+ Followers on Twitter* alone — all earned “the old-fashioned way” …
  • Constant Contact* — averaging 46% Opens, 15% Clicks…
  • Emmy® Award-winning journalist and ★★★★★ writer, speaker, brain SME…
  • serial entrepreneur, start-up consultant, nonprofit unFounder…
  • SundaySchoolMiss, volunteer, tree hugger, animal rescuer…
  • ADvocate™ — for Life — for Families both sides of Heaven!

You can learn more about MEs here butAND essentially? I AM an INFJ and Gemini — as am I ;) — with TWO sets of remarkable Gifts I cannot not share. Despite my druthers and decades of denial and worthwhile endeavors: I cannot not BE both MEs!

One ME’s about Believing @MediumMáirín:

“Máirín is funny, witty and has a great sense of humor; all wrapped up with a great Gift. It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel that she connected with my departed loved ones.”
—Marie Henn at BPD

One ME’s about Thinking @BettysLove:

“tell you what: when you are on the lookout to hire a techie, message me. I’ll quit my job and work for you. Love your credo! :)”

Both MEs? About all’n’only Love!

Kindness Matters. Mantras, more—so #AmWriting at Medium.com.
I’m sometimes writing at Niume; Facebook, too.
In all: Grammar and words matter. Love, more.

My mantra for families & caregivers: Love Is an ACTION Verb!™
My mantra for believers & skeptics alike is simpler: Love IS!™

So. YOU?

Representative or Partner—or both—like ME:

    Come Change OUR World with MEs?

  • seeing business benefits in both my MEs—Medium first
    (not necessarily my druthers butAND, á la Covey, First Things First*)
  • seizing markets trending toward Mind–Body–Spirit and Brains
  • seeking exclusive, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship (sans romance—I write that!)
  • sweaty enough to want equity in both businesses
  • savvy enough to relish the hard work ahead
  • smart enough to let collective heads rule
  • strong enough to overrule mine
  • loyal like a Canada goose

And NO, you don’t need to be a Medium, too—although everyone is.
Yes, YOU are, too.

So. WE?

“If you have not experienced the gift of Light that is @MediumMairin, treat yourself today….!”
Lawson Patterson, Spiritualist practicing and partnering with Bryan Benson.

*Three Ends starting in my mind include:

What are your ideas:

  • re Booking Europe Events for December 2017–February 2018?
  • re Book Launching August 2018 (per traditional-publisher’s offers)?
  • re what questions I oughtta be asking?

Hear that? Tick-Tock! 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”
—Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

*Facts of the matter verified July 2017 — and here verified re others’ matters.

When YOU wake tomorrow morning reading ME in YOUR Head?

  • Angels & Partners: Thank you for your interest! Please let me know when and how to best reach you — via eMail TeamMairin [at] mairing [dot] com or the Query Form, here.
  • Publicists, Marketers, Bookers, & Finders: I can’t wait to hear your ideas! Please send your introductions to TeamMairin [at] mairing [dot] com — thanks!
  • ALL: I’ll be in touch asap to book a Skype call — imMEdiately!
  • See that? WE’re already bonding and branding!

WE CAN change the world…one Soul/brain/Love-ACTion Verb™ at a time.

Dare YOU?

Better: Shall WE?