“I am so much more aware of my Gifts now — and myself. My whole family’s lives are changing for the better!” —R.S., 50, 2016 Gift Development Client


YOU: Manifest.

Working with Máirín can ensure you maximize all of your endeavors and Gifts. Using ever-evolving Intuitive Gifts and award-winning facilitation expertise, Máirín empowers you to discern, develop, and hone the skills you need to achieve ‘success’ — as you define it.
Keep Learning AND: Dream BIG!™We all have Divine abilities. We’re born with them. However, just as every person is unique, every Gift is unique, too. Máirín tailors every consultation to your goals in Life, Love, and work — and, quite likely, your Gifts. Yes: YOU have Gifts. And yes: It’s okay to gift yourself! ;)

“You are an amazing teacher who truly helps people with anything in life.” —Dominic, 21, 2015-2016 Life Coaching Client

Career and Life Coaching Learn the skills and best practices you need in life, learning, relationships, interpersonal communications, business, management, leadership, public speaking, and more.
Intuitive Guidance Have questions about your past, present, or future? Máirín guides you to find your answers.
Gift Mentoring Máirín can’t wait to learn more about your psychic Gifts and to help you develop all to their best use.

  • Private Consultation via Telephone or Skype
  • Two-Hour Session for One*
  • $350 USD | £300 | €350
  • You need only a Quiet place and note-taking tools.
  • *Under-18 Clients must be accompanied by Guardian or Parent.
  • At your request, a Session in progress may be extended, pro rata.
  • Simple, secure PayPal automates the conversion rate.
  • Skype is free to download and use. Learn more.
    Máirín ensures you develop your Gift(s) and Life, Communication, and Career Skills according to your choices, schedule, and budget. As with her Readings, Máirín’s fees are a fraction of market rates — and she will always work with you on a sliding scale.

    Maximize Your Life, Love, and Career!

    Are you doing what you are Meant to do?Máirín began Career and Life Coaching in 1988; her work in Intuitive Guidance began soon thereafter. By request, Máirín began Gift Mentoring in the 2000s.
    Ninety percent of Máirín’s Consulting Clientele come via Client Referral or after a Reading. Recent Clients live in Spain, England, Ireland, Canada, and across the United States. References for all Consulting Services are, of course, available upon request.
    Wherever in the world you live, you can meet with Máirín by telephone or Skype. Máirín prefers daytime consultancy for Life and Career Coaching but weekends for Intuitive Consulting and Gift Development. Quiet and “Centeredness” before and after sessions are key to discerning and practicing Gift(s) — yours and Máirín’s.
    Although often others’ general business practice, Máirín is not a fan of open-ended Consulting and Coaching. In most cases, she ensures you define, commit to, and achieve your objectives in successive sessions of a specific term of engagement.
    Máirín provides all Learning Materials except reading recommendations, all of which you can get for free at your local library. Oh and, Máirín lets you select your own fancy journal! ;)

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    To The Divine in YOU: Namaste.


    Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™