“Máirín is a must see!!”

“She is no doubt the real deal.”
“a wonderful and enlightening experience”
“¡No te go cómo agradecerle por todo!”

Like Celebrity Psychic Mediums on TV?

Events with Máirín? Always Special!GOOD—you’ll love Máirín’s Gallery Readings, Learning Workshops, and Special Events like Charity FUNdraisers.
BETTER—you have a real chance of your Loved Ones coming through, as Máirín limits tickets so that public demonstrations are intimate gatherings and maximize Love and Learning.
BEST—to Máirín, YOU and YOUR Loved Ones are the celebrities….

“There is great energy in her readings, love in the room and peace that comes to so many from her ability to connect to the other side. She is a kind soul, full of light and love.”

“Started out not expecting anything. Was very inspired by the others around me. Saw how moved and emotional the readings were or them. Never thought you were coming our way. Everything was spot on. Things you shouldn’t /couldn’t know. Left exhausted and inspired. Looking at my soul’s journey differently. I know there is peace. Can’t wait for you to read my ….”

“I spoke with my Mom … she advised me that my Great Aunt also enjoyed gambling and wore wigs! Unbelievable. When my Mom told me that I almost fell off my chair!”

LOVED the room set up! Loved tables w/paper/pen, Kleenex, flowers, candles, comment cards. Loved that you said “hi” to everyone….”

“She made me a believer!”

What’s a Gallery Reading Event? Private investigator and professional (former) skeptic Bob Olson calls it ‘a public demonstration’ of psychic abilities. He also calls it “gutsy.” [Watch Mr. Olson’s explanation, seen here at 14:40.]
Evenings with Máirín span 2.5 Hours – Introduction + Readings + Q&A – followed by conversation and complimentary treats. Gallery Readings average 1.5 Hours. Of course, in any gallery format, not everyone can be Read but attendees agree: “Everyone gets something out it!” … even if ‘only’ questions to inspire and empower you to begin your own conversations about Heaven – and with your Loved Ones, too.

“When’s Máirín’s next Event?”

Courage à Toi....Mark your calendars for … when? Subscribe to get Events updates and Máirín’s Musings™ … meantime:
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Learning-with-Love!™ Join award-winning Speaker–Teacher–ADvocate™ (and Medium!) Máirín to find Love, Hope, Healing, and the Lessons you and your family most want to learn….
An Evening with Máirín begins and ends with the same question:
What do you believe about Love? Angels? Heaven?
Finding YOUR answers can inspire Love, Healing, Hope … whatever you most need. Máirín is an award-winning Journalist–Speaker–Brain SME–Coach and world-renowned Spiritualist–Author–Advisor–ADvocate™–Medium Máirín..

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Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™