Spirit FUNdraising!™

“You bring a charity doing Good Works.
Angels, your Loved, Ones & I bring the Goods!” – Medium Máirín

Chicago – NYC – LA – Dublin – London – Paris – Sydney … Máirín’s lifelong commitment to sharing her Gift for Good inspires Spirit FUNdraising™ – donor events with 100% of profits benefiting transparent registered charities.†
That same spirit drives Máirín’s low Reading fees. It’s also why, unlike most Mediums, Máirín ensures you understand Messages from Heaven – even during Gallery Readings – and will communicate in Private Readings as long as your Loved Ones do. Learn more about Readings with Máirín.
Máirín is an award-winning Speaker, Author, and Coach and internationally renowned Evidentiary Psychic Medium. Charity Events with Máirín are inspiring, UPlifiting, thought provoking – and FUNdraising! An Evening with Máirín can inspire Love, Hope, Healing, whatever help audience members most need – and big donations!

How does Spirit FUNdraising™ work?

Come Spirit FUNdraising™ with Máirín!

  • 100% of the profits benefit your charity†
  • Recommended Gift: $100 per Participant
  • Recommended Size: 50–100 Participants
  • Group Format to maximize Spirit & FUN!
  • Average: 2.5 Hours – Intro + Reading(s) + Q&A
  • †Charities must be transparent and registered nonprofit organizations.
  • Two nights’ standard hotel room and economy travel stipend, if applicable: Máirín is SMALL, so coach is perfect! ;)

Read a sampling of Client Testimonials here and at Best Psychic Directory. Or make time to read two interesting blogs by professional (former) skeptic Bob Olson about the differences in Mediums, their prices, and their practices.

Raise Awareness & FUNds for Charity!™

There’s a FUN way to boost donors’ spirits* and raise funds for your Good Cause! In LA, Chicago, New York, Dublin, London, Paris, Málaga, Sydney, and … in restaurants, hotels, theaters and theatres, schools, churches, and … LET’S!
*Just please note: The spirits Máirín raises are your donors’ … it’s up to The Other Side to decide what Spirits come through! ;)
Contact Máirín to partner in Spirit FUNdraising™ – wherever in the world you do Good Works. Subscribe today to get updates on Máirín Gallery Readings and always-Special Events!
What do YOU believe … about Love? an Afterlife? Heaven? Whatever you do – or don’t – read these and get all your donors ready to believe this:

Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™