Learning-with-Love™“Putting into words how wonderful your lecture was is difficult. I can’t even call it a lecture, as that term, to me, implies something academic and dry where someone talk and we listen. But you truly engaged the ladies‎, making it far from “dry”. I was moved by your stories and felt you taught us positive meanings to otherwise ordinary vocabulary; value, precious…. ”
– President‎, Chicago-area Woman’s Club

Are YOU doing all you’re Meant to do?
If so: Pay it forward, no?
If not: Why not?
In both cases: How may I help?

What do YOU want to learn?

…about Life? Love? Heaven? Career Success? Your Gifts? Yes, YOUR Gifts. We ALL have the ability to experience The Divine. Read more.
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What do YOU want to learn?

Is It REAL?™ What’s it like to BE a Medium? What DO Children & Pets see? Do you feel Them, too? Loved Ones, Angels, positive Energies ARE around you – more than you imagine. Máirín helps you understand Psychic Gifts like her Mediumship. A seminar for everyone … anyone who, like Máirín, feels Them, too.
What Do We Do with THIS?™ Máirín helps Parents and Young Adults understand their psychic experiences. A workshop for late teens and twentysomethings. (Participants under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)
What Are YOUR Gifts?™ Máirín teaches you ‘how to’ discern about your* psychic Gift(s), its/their purpose in your Life, and ‘how to’ begin to develop it/them to said purpose(s). A workshop for adults with psychic ability … *like you. (Again: Yes, YOU.)
W.W.G.S?™ What Would God Say? A seminar and discussion about Gift(s) and world religion(s) for nonbelievers – in God and/or Gifts.
Alzheimer’s Heaven™ An evening presentation of poetry and practical tips for family members and caregivers living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cancer, or any illness that steals reason or cognitive ability.
End-of-Life Care-with-Love™ An UPlifting, JOY-boosting workshop for family members and caregivers designed to bring comfort and restore Hope to Loved Ones on (or nearing) a journey Home.
Charity Book Club† – readings and discussions of stories from Heaven from Mairin’s new book series.
Mairin is also planning Special Events like: Celebrating Mothers and Fathers – Lost Angel Children – Holiday Hope….

†Psychic Giveback! Prior to her work as a Medium, Máirín spent a long and successful career in corporate education and consultancy, life coaching, and nonprofit advocacy. Read more about Máirín’s events to benefit transparent charities who do Good Works worldwide.
Tireless in sharing her expertise and Gifts to help families like yours, Máirín’s Workshops are always positive, uplifting learning experiences that shine light, bring Hope, and offer practical tools you can implement today to benefit every aspect of Love and Life. Read what others say about working with Máirín.
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Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™