Looking for a unique present to wrap-with-Love?

Gift a meeting with Máirín today!“Mairin has wonderful energy and made connections that helped us realize we are surrounded by love and peace. The messages we received were not just general information. There was a lot of personal information only our loved ones and we would know and understand. If you are feeling a little empty or lost please please give Mairin a chance to fill your life with the hope and love from the other side. You will definitely enjoy your experience.” – J.S., March 2016 on BPD Note: J.S. joined her Gift Cert Recipient for the Reading!

Readings with Medium Máirín bring Love, Hope, Healing to someone you Love … or whatever help she or he most needs. Learn more about Readings.

Gift a Private Reading!

  • One-Hour Telephone Reading
  • $150 USD | PayPal automates £–€ conversion rate.
  • Readings in progress may be extended, pro rata. PayPal Invoice is sent to Gift Recipient at her/his request.
  • Gift Certificate value may be applied toward other Readings or Services.
  • Gift Certificates are not refundable and expire 30 days from purchase. Cancellation in case of family emergency will, of course, be credited toward future Services.
  • Máirín customizes each Gift Certificate as a PDF or JPG for you to print, wrap, and mail – or, better, for you to deliver-with-Love!
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    Intuitive Guidance: One-Hour Consultation

    Are you doing what you’re Meant to do? Using Intuitive Guidance and Evidentiary Mediumship – and award-winning Teaching and Coaching skills – Máirín helps you maximize your Life, Love, Family, Friendships, and Career … and, perhaps, your Gift(s), too.Learn more about Máirín’s Intuitive Guidance.
    Gift an Intuitive Guidance session with Máirín!

    Gift Development: Two-Hour Consultation

    Everyone has Divine Gifts – yes, YOU do, too. We’re born this way. What are YOURS? What do YOU want to do with it/them?
    Máirín helps you understand the ‘umbrella’ of psychic abilities and, using Intuitive Guidance and Evidentiary Mediumship – and award-winning Education and Coaching skills – helps you begin to identify your Gift(s). Learn more.
    Gift YOURSELF a Consultation with Máirín – YES, it’s okay to gift yourself! ;)

    Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™