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What Do YOU Believe?™

EdificationEncouragementComfortall’n’only Love….

“If you haven’t had a reading with Máirín, book it NOW! She connects to loved ones and she’s the real deal. My reading was like meeting up with a benevolent sister who also happens to talk to dead people. She sees you for who you are and who you can be, and she connects to the people who love you. My reading was comforting, thought provoking, and fun….” —M.B., sharing at Best Psychic Directory

Why Máirín?

Understanding, Empowerment & Enlightenment CourageAnswers & HopeLove….
Máirín is a full-time Medium and Spiritualist and an award-winning Author, Advisor, and ADvocate™ admired worldwide for her Gifts. Máirín’s also been working for decades with Clients in Intuitive Guidance and Gift Development.
 Keep Looking UP — Love IS!™
Readings with Máirín are inspiring, UPlifting, and thought provoking. All Máirín’s Gifts work the same way in all formats. In Sessions of two or more, you meet as a group, maximizing Messengers, shared witness, experiences, and note-taking fingers! ;)
Read Clients’ Testimonials to Máirín’s Gifts and generosity of time and treasure. Or make time to read this interesting blog by professional (former) skeptic Bob Olson re differences in Mediums and their fees and practices.
Learn ‘how it works’ — i.e., what working with Máirín is like for YOU — and understand why Clients worldwide are choosing and referring Medium Máirín. From edifying Introduction, through validating Messages, to engaging and sometimes-hilarious Q&A:

Readings with Máirín bring Love, Healing, Hope…help you most need.

“Our meeting helped me to heal more than years of therapy. I truly feel I am able to leave the past behind me now more. God bless you and your work.” —Maribelle, Small-Group Hostess, Chicago

“More people came through than expected. At one point I was on information overload. There is no way possible that she could have known what she did. She not only the real deal, but she wonderful to work with, and I hope to again.” —N.T., Telephone (first*), sharing at BPD [*Yes, NT’s a Returning Client]

“I enjoyed every moment of our time together and really look forward to talking to you again. By the way, remember when you asked me about THREE…?” —Sabrina, Telephone & Guidance Client, Jerusalem [Sabrina’s hosting a Reunion with A Very Special Event. M can’t wait to meet ‘blooming’ S!]

“My reading with Máirín was eye-opening and one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. She was attentive to my needs and supportive during the process – this was the first reading I’ve ever had and I would definitely highly recommend Máirín to anyone who is seeking a reading. Thanks Máirín, this was a life changing experience!” —S.S., Reading Client and Seeker, London, sharing at BPD


One — Two — Three — UP!

Máirín’s Booking Process is as personal and positive as her Readings.
You are most welcome to My Table!1. You choose what you most need from Máirín’s Menu of Services.
2. You submit a confidential Booking Request.
3. Máirín personally coordinates first-available date/time and confirms Bookings with preparation recommendations to maximize your experience.

Then — Look UP!

Heaven IS real.
Your Loved Ones ARE near.
Máirín can’t wait to help YOU connect!


What do YOU need for a Reading or Meeting?

  • Quietude — in your Home, Body, Mind, Spirit….
  • NO cleaning or fussing — jammies are welcome!
  • Note-taking tools — actual paper’n’pen(s) for all.
  • Refreshments for you — wine optional, as needed. ; )
  • Smoke-Free Home or Office, Club, Pub, The Westbury….
  • Two or more meet as a group to maximize Messages, experience, and note-taking fingers!
    Please note:

  • At your request, Readings in progress are extendable pro rata.
  • PayPal determines $USD conversion to £BPS, €Euro, $CAN, etc.
  • NEW! PayPal Credit offers 0% Interest for 6 Months; learn more.
  • Neither this site nor Máirín ever has your financial information.
  • Máirín answers more of your FAQs at Bookings.

    Begin your Conversation with Heaven today!


    Do you feel Them?!

    Who do you miss?Love IS!™ There are Loved Ones, Pets, Guides, Angels, positive Energies around YOU — more than you might imagine. At the end of a Family Reading, J.M.’s grammar-school friend also came through with a Message of Gratitude, thanking him for being kind to her while walking to school … some 50 years ago.
    🎁Give — or gift yourself* — a Reading or Meeting with Máirín!
    Máirín sends customized Gift Certificates to wrap-with-Love.
    Gift-Giving Offer: YOU’ll join in the Reading as Máirín’s Guest!
    Limited offer! Book SOON for first-available dates.
    For what do YOU wish? Ask!
    *YES! It’s okay to gift yourself!

    What DO You Believe?

    New Clients’ nervousness is understandable; however, skepticism is counter intuitive and adversely affects Sessions. Máirín does not foretell the future; she is not certified to and does not offer medical, legal, or financial advice. You agree to meet with Máirín in openness with mutual Intention of bringing forward Love, Healing, Hope…help you most need.

    WDYB? Let’s find out!


    Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™