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“I can’t tell you what this means to me. I miss my Mum so much! I have to tell you, I would have been skeptical about this … but not any more. Thank you so much! What can I do for you?? I would have paid anything to hear what you’ve told me today….” —Eamon, Fly-by and Family Readings, Dublin, Ireland

One — Two — Three — UP!

Ready to begin your Conversation with Heaven? Look UP! Heaven is real. Your Loved Ones are near. Máirín can’t wait to help you connect!

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Please note: Máirín’s Gift Practice is ever evolving.
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Máirín’s Menu

Private Phone Readings for One

NO 800# butAND: Máirín loves Telephone Readings!

  • $135: Returning Clients — 60 Minutes — Reading + Q&A
  • $150: New Clients — 90 Minutes — Intro + Reading + Q&A
  • Book a Telephone Reading today!

    In-Home Reading Parties

    Ideal for Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues to witness and experience Mediumship.
    LAST DAYS: Host receives Complimentary Follow-Up Telephone Reading!

  • 2.5 Hours — Intro + Readings + Q&A
  • Weekends, starting between Noon—2 p.m.
  • $600 — 3 or 4 Participants
  • 10+ Participants: $75 per Participant
  • 20+ Participants: $55 per Participant
  • BIG Parties? Corporate Events? Máirín hosts YOURS at Hilton – contact us!
  • Charity Events? Oh, yes: LET’s! Learn more.
  • Need a different time? Want Children to join us? Just ask.
  • Book a Reading Party today!

    In-Home Private Readings

    Máirín comes to you — again: NO cleaning required!

  • 2.5 Hours — Intro + Reading + Q&A
  • Daily, starting between 10:00 a.m.—2 p.m.
  • $600 — In-Person Private Reading for Two
  • $750 — In-Person Private Reading for Three
  • Need a different time or more Participants? Please inquire.
  • Book your In-Person Private Reading today.

    In-Home Family Reading

    Designed for in-depth Conversation with shared Loved Ones

  • 2.5 Hours — Intro + Readings + Q&A
  • Daily, starting before 2 p.m.
  • $600 — 3 or 4 Participants
  • $100 per Additional Participant
  • Need a different time? Want Children to join us? Just ask.
  • Book a Family Reading today.

    Private In-Office Readings

    NEW: Meet Máirín in her suburban-Chicago Office!

  • $300 — 90-Minute Reading for One
  • $450 — 120-Minute Reading for Two
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    Máirín’s Booking Process is as personal and positive as her Readings. Máirín personally coordinates first-available Booking(s). Please note:
    Who Do YOU Miss? Let's begin a Conversation with Heaven today!

  • At your request, Readings in progress are extendable pro rata.
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  • Máirín answers more of your FAQs at Bookings.
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    Begin your Conversation with Heaven today!


    Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™