“…you are UNFORGETTABLE!!!!
And by that, I definitely mean it in a good way!!!”

Real Gifts. True Validations. No fun hair. No reality show…yet. Real Love, tho–both sides of Heaven!

A Reading can be a life-enhancing experience for some people. Like watching Celebrity Mediums on TV? YOUR Family, Friends, Children, Angels, Pets … YOUR Loved Ones are the Celebrities to Máirín.
Read what believers and (former) skeptics alike say about Máirín’s Gift from ‘Fly-by’ Readings in Chicago churches and New York airports to a House Reading in a 15th Century manoir in France’s Normandy region (Máirín’s all-time-favorite ‘haunted house!’) to a Skype Reading in Israel to a Family Reading in Dublin (in Máirín’s favorite hotel in the world) to Reading Parties quite near your own back yard….

🇬🇧 London, England—Sasha S., sharing after a Reading–Guidance Skype Session:
“My reading with Máirín was eye-opening and one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. She was attentive to my needs and supportive during the process … this was a life changing experience!”

🇨🇦 Nova Scotia—Dorah G., writing after a Two-Hour Telephone Reading:
“I had a simply wonderful time yesterday…it’s all around me like a silky cocoon. Many blessings to you, ‘The Reluctant Gifted Person'” (rightly named, Zebra-to-Zebra, by Máirín)

🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland—Eamon B., after Fly-by and Family Readings:
“I can’t tell you what this means to me. I miss my Mum so much! I have to tell you, I would have been skeptical about this … but not any more. Thank you so much! What can I do for you?? I would have paid anything to hear what you’ve told me today….”

🇫🇷 North America—Marie after Telephone Reading in English and French:
“I had a wonderful time with Máirín. She really took the time to explain her talent. She went above and beyond the allotted time to complete her reading. Máirín is funny, witty and has a great sense of humor; all wrapped up with a great Gift. It was intense, we laughed and cried and I feel that she connected with my departed loved ones. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to know about theirs. She is gifted and a great communicator.”

🌐 Christian Hospital Chaplain—Skype Readings and Coaching Client:
“Once again you went above and beyond for me. I am SO thankful for you and your loving hand guiding me and mindfully supporting my efforts. I send love and hope your way as you work today!
Love, peace, and blessings.”

🇺🇸 Chicago—Abril L. and Cari P., after two Hotel Events:
“My experience and meetings with Máirín have always been positive. I have felt love, comfort, peace, joy, wonderment & always a new sense of hope.”
“…is a very gifted medium. There is great energy in her readings, love in the room and peace that comes to so many from her ability to connect to the other side. She is a kind soul, full of light and love.”
“Insightful, ethereal, energizing, spiritual, all adjectives apply and can’t wait to attend another. Positive energy and thoughts all night long!”

🇺🇸 Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs, IL—Tamara S., writing after In-Person, Telephone, and Party Readings:
“She is no doubt the real deal. She helped me get the confirmation and clarification that my daughter is indeed Gifted! She said things that NO ONE would know. I was amazed and in awe of her. To watch her read others is just wonderful!”

🇺🇸 Chicago’s West Suburbs—Lina B., Private Reading via Referral:
“I thought Máirín was terrific. It was unbelievable the energy that she received from past loved ones. Things that I had forgotten about. Things that she new about and there was no way she could. I’ve never been to a medium that was spiritual and had the same beliefs as I. I now have more peace of mind about my father and nephew. I will go to Máirín again.”

🇺🇸 Chicago Children’s Academy Headmistress—writing after multiple Family Readings via Referral
Máirín is a must see!! I leave her feeling overjoyed, calm, and filled with so much joy and love for my loved ones in heaven!! My reading was a beautiful experience that I will always cherish!! She truly has a gift and is a gift to many!!”
“You seem to create this sense of joy and peace around me. I feel so connected with my loved ones … I sing your praises to everyone interested. I never hear an unkind word. They love you!”


“Aha!” Moments after the Reading

“It wasn’t ‘til we were driving home that we realized the “L.L.” was Jake’s BEST FRIEND! Doh!”

“It is funny how you said ‘recollect’….Some things may not mean anything to you at that moment, however, suddenly, something will burst and all of a sudden…the mystery thing you said comes to fruition….We brought our notes and had a wonderful evening going over our time with you. Several things became VERY apparent! Right on!!!”

“I was visiting my family in Cincinnati last week and had a couple of conversations that were interesting in light of what you mentioned at our reading….Again, thank you so very much for such an interesting, comforting and enlightening experience.”


‘Fly-by’ Readings and ‘Chance’ Meetings in Tar-jay

“That is amazing. Thank you so much … now I know why I ‘was drawn’ over here [to sit near Máirín at a New York airport]. I can’t wait to tell my wife!… ”

“Because of [a ‘Fly by’ in Target] I have talked more to my siblings this week than I would have in a six-month period. We share and rehash and rehash again and again. I want to thank you for getting this ball rolling. It has been quite a ride. I just feel like we have not seen the last of you…and that is a good thing. Have a blessed day!”

“Not sure if you will remember me or our “chance” meeting at Super Target…of course I was flabbergasted, incredulous and crying…[you] hugged me again…I walked away, shaking and crying and heard [you] call my name again. ‘I’m not trying to stalk you but’….”

PS–I promise: I am not a stalker. Be warned: I am a hugger! –Máirín ;)

What’s a ‘Fly-by’ Reading?!

Máirín is always grateful to hear and curious about what happens after a Reading. Please share your experiences before, during, or years after meeting Máirín. Please ask your questions, too – like:

  • What DO children see?
  • What’s it like to BE a Medium?
  • Do cats and dogs really go to Heaven?
  • Do things happen for ‘no reason’ (or ever by ‘chance’)?
  • For answers to these questions, more information, a full list of references, or to request speaking to one of Máirín’s clients, just ask. Please note: Unless otherwise directed, Clients’ names and specific Reading details are always kept private.
    For even-more questions and answers … read Máirín’s Musings … follow @MediumMáirín … be friendly on Facebook/MediumMairin … or – especially if you’re a Thomas/Tomasita – simply come SEE for yourself.

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    PPS: Notes like this explain why Máirín considers her Gift a Blessing to her….

    “I just wanted to send you a note and let you know I you are on my mind a lot. I just wanted to let you know how good you make me feel when I think of the thrill and calming feeling you have given so many people. I have seen how exhilarating and draining these sessions can be on you. I pray that God gives you continued strength and keeps you refreshed and at peace. You have a wonderful gift. Just a note to remind you to take time for you to keep you whole….” – Monroe

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    Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™